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Audiobook - From Foreign Student To Canadian Citizen

e-Book - From Foreign Student To Canadian Citizen

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Not your typical journal filled with all blank pages… Not that there’s anything wrong with a journal with blank pages, but THIS journal helps you to add some structure to your practice and encourages you to not just write them down, but put a plan into action and track your progress.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN & STRUCTURE: The first several pages of the journal have a vision board to help you visualize and manifest your goals, it has a table of contents for you to keep track of your important notes, a blank calendar for you to fill so it is not tied to any year or specific dates and some goal tracking suggestions to help you structure your goals. The journal is divided into 4 sections for you to categorize and fill with goals of all sorts. Pages are Lined (for notetaking) and Blank (for sketching or scrapbooking).


HARDCOVER JOURNAL: This medium 6-inch x 9-inch journal/notebook features lined and blank pages for your creative outlet, 180 pages and 4 segments.

MOTIVATIONAL NOTES & QUOTES: Motivational content and quotes included, journal suggestions, and note from the author to encourage you to not only write them down but to also pursue your dreams.

CREATIVE DESIGN: The Take that Leap Journal cover has 4 colour variations to choose from. The impactful graphic embodies the message, to go after your dreams, something else is waiting for you on the other side of your goals.


Dream BIG and Take That Leap!

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