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Full Funding to Study in Canada
Your Path to Jobs & Residency

Seamlessly fund your studies.

Struggling to fund your dream of studying and living in Canada?


"As Told By Canadian Immigrants" proudly partners with "Passage Inc.", a revolutionary platform dedicated to redefining immigration by providing financial support to programs aligned with jobs that Canada needs through a simplified application process.

Discover how Passage can provide access to life-changing opportunities.


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Reach your true potential!

Unlock Opportunities Through

Their mission is clear: to provide financial support and streamline the application process, expediting your journey to Canada. Passage is dedicated to empowering those with ambitious aspirations. Across the globe, countless remarkable individuals are held back by financial barriers, depriving us all of their potential contributions

So what's the PROBLEM?....

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not.

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Financial Access

Studying abroad costs a lot. Not having enough money stops people from chasing their dreams, getting better opportunities, and reaching their full potential.


Success doesn't come easy. Whether it's guidance from experts or encouragement from peers, having the right support system is vital.


Crossing borders demands trust. Demonstrating your capability and credibility as an outsider can be a challenging journey.


People underestimate their own potential. Seeing other success stories can help you realize you can do so much more.

With Passage, immigration is being redefined through a focus on exceptional talent. They connect talented individuals with opportunities and provide essential financial support, contributing to Canada's prosperity by enabling employers to attract global talent and ensuring equal access for all.


Passage addresses affordability barriers, levels the playing field for talent, and opens doors to education and opportunities in Canada's job market.

To start, Passage finds and matches talent with the right-fit opportunities in Canada in skilled trades, healthcare, and STEM.

skilled trasdes.PNG

Skilled Trades

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  • Multiple Dates
    Thu, May 30
    Via Zoom
    May 30, 2024, 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT
    Via Zoom
    Seize the opportunity to study in Canada through Student Loans! Join us for our lunchtime Q&A series every Thursday from 1:00 to 1:30 PM. Discover the opportunities and learn how you can begin. Don't miss out – reach your true potential!

Loans to Study in Canada - Tuition & Cost of Living
Secure Jobs in Canada After Graduation

Critical Deadlines & Questions to Apply for Loans to Study in Canada
Age Limit to apply for Loans


"Talent is evenly distributed
opportunities are not."

- Martin Basiri, CEO & Founder Passage Inc. -

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