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Your Questions Answered - Canadian Immigration

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

What? How? When? Where? Why? Huh?!

Of course you have a million and one questions about Canadian Immigration. The list never ends. And a question leads to another question. The black and white instruction guide from the CIC website populates itself with shades of gray and question marks the moment your situation becomes "non-standard". We are so happy to be able to give you insight from the perspective of someone who has lived it and experienced it. I had many questions along the way and took comfort in a group of people all in the same boat. "Misery loves company" never felt truer.

Do you Have questions about Canadian Immigration, living in Canada, Moving to Canada, how cold it really is in Canada.... Why not ask a Canadian Immigrant.

Here are the questions that we have answered so far and where to find the answers.


  • Where is Atlantic Canada?

  • What is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

  • Who Can apply to the Atlantic immigration Pilot Program?

  • Where can I find jobs in Atlantic Canada?

  • What kind of Jobs are Available on the Atlantic Immigration pilot Program job list?

  • Can I bring my spouse/partner with me if I get hired through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

  • Do I have to do my IELTS English test BEFORE I apply for jobs in Atlantic Canada?

  • After I move to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program can I move to another province?

  • What is the difference between the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program & Express Entry?

  • Will I experience racism in Atlantic Canada? Will my Children be bullied because of their colour or accent?



  • If I dropped out of school in my home country a few years ago and want to now go to school in Canada, will CIC reject my visa application?

  • What does it cost to study in Canada?

  • Do i need a police certificate or police record for my Canadian student visa / study permit application?

  • Should I do the IELTS English test before I come to Canada as a student?

  • What are the reasons Canadian student visas get rejected?

  • Should i apply for my student visa online or using a paper application?

  • Is college in Canada as interesting and holistic as presented on the schools' YouTube channels?



  • Are you allowed to apply for the post graduate work permit immediately after graduation?

  • While waiting for the Post Graduate Work Permit application to be processed can I work?

  • If I get a 1 year work permit and I don't get a job within the year, do I have to go back home?



  • How do I move to Canada through the Express Entry Program?

  • How long is the Permanent residency application process?

  • How do i check my Express Entry score?

  • What if I don't have enough points under express entry?

  • Am i Too Old To Move To Canada?



  • Do I need an invitation letter to get a Canadian visitors Visa?

  • How do I get a Canadian Visa if I do not know anyone in Canada?



  • Is the process to come to Canada complicated? Where do i begin?

  • How does the Canadian Weather affect your mood?



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Horace Campbell
Horace Campbell
Jan 11, 2020


I really like your posts, very informative. On my second attempt at applying to express entry i eas asked for my previous express entry number. I dont remember it and have been unable to proceed since then. Can you assist

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