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Have you ever thought about moving to Canada, or are in the process of moving to Canada and wondered what it will be like, or have some uncertainties, questions, fears? Hear the first-hand experiences of how we got here, the immigration process & our experiences living here as "Canadians".


Host - Kristina has had 7 years dealing firsthand with several immigration processes starting with a student visa all the way to citizenship and has encouraged several people along the way. She has found much enjoyment in hearing and sharing with others and wants to be the comforting and hopeful voice.


Disclaimer! - Anything that is said and information appearing on this site reflect an expression of the personal views, experiences, research, education and opinions of the individuals speaking and have been prepared for the intended reference by interested individuals and is not intended to create an attorney/consultant-client communication. Kristina is not an Immigration Consultant.

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Are You
Looking For
A Step-By-Step Process
How To Move
To Canada?

Let me help you.

I know the process of moving to Canada can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are several options you can explore as a means of migrating to Canada. "Where do I begin!? Which one do I choose?!" These are probably questions you are asking yourself.
With so many options to choose from and the plethora of information out there, where should you start? This is what my journey From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen will show you.

What’s included in this memoir of my journey to Canadian Citizenship:

  • 20 Step-by-step actions on how to become a Canadian Citizen

  • My entire journey from start to finish, all in one place

  • Personal stories, experiences, and tips to help you along the way

  • Reference links, to quickly find information on the Canadian Immigration Website.