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To all who might want to move to Canada to work and live there:

Without the confusion of not knowing where find jobs OR
the frustration of endless applying with no results

Dear Aspiring Canadian,

Have you considered that securing a job in Atlantic Canada with a designated employer isn't just a career move, but a direct and strategic pathway to permanent residency in Canada?

BUT, like many...

Are You Tired of Sending Resumes into the Void?

Are You Exhausted from Searching for the Right Job in Canada?

Do you feel like you're endlessly applying for jobs in Canada but never hearing back? Wondering if you're even reaching the right employers?

You're not alone. The key to unlocking job opportunities in Canada isn't just about sending out more applications – it's about sending them to the right places and making sure they stand out.

There are approximately 1200 designated employers in Atlantic Canada who can hire you without an LMIA.

BUT...'s the catch – not all of them are actively hiring, and the Atlantic Immigration Program has a limited annual cap. Timing is crucial, and efficiency is key.

You have a list of employer names, but no insights into what they do, the industries they're in, or even if they have current job openings. This lack of detailed information leaves you shooting in the dark, tirelessly scouring through a list of 1200+ designated employers.

Introducing the Atlantic Canada Job Seekers Membership: a streamlined, affordable solution to kickstart your Canadian Job Search. For a one-time payment of just $97, equivalent to approximately $32 per month, you gain 3 months of invaluable resources tailored to your needs. 

What’s Included in Your Membership?

  1. Curated Job List Access:
    We’ve carefully compiled a list of employers and available job openings across Atlantic Canada that is frequently updated. Our list goes beyond just names. Get detailed insights on employers, the industries they operate in, and current job openings. We’ve done the heavy lifting to bring you a refined list of active opportunities.

  2. Comprehensive Resume Course:

Step-by-step guidance through our exclusive resume course, tailored specifically to what Canadian employers are looking for. Transform your resume into a powerful tool that stands out in the Canadian job market.​​


7% Off Immigration Consultation Services

No Obligations + One -Time Payment

Access to a Curated List of Employers, Industries, Contact Info and Job Openings


We’ve carefully compiled a list of employers and available job openings across Atlantic Canada.

You can easily identify the industry of each employer, view their open job positions, and directly click on the job postings to apply.


Frequent Updates.

Access to a Tailored Resume Course

Stand out in the Canadian job market with our comprehensive resume course.


Learn how to craft a resume that not only looks good but speaks directly to Canadian employers.


We cover everything from formatting to highlighting your unique skills.

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Exclusive 7% Discount on Immigration Consultation Fees

As a valued member of our Atlantic Canada Job Seekers Membership, you are entitled to an exclusive 7% discount on immigration consultation fees.


This special offer, designed to make the process more affordable, gives you access to professional and personalized immigration advice at a reduced cost.

Take advantage of this opportunity to consult with expert immigration consultants who can offer tailored solutions and guidance for your unique immigration journey.

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Why Should You Join Today?

  • Affordability: For less than the cost of a daily coffee, access resources crucial to your job search success in Canada.

  • Direct Path to Permanent Residency: Seize the opportunity to turn your job search into a life-changing move towards settling in Canada.

  • Time-Efficient Strategy: With the program's cap in mind, our resources are designed for you to act fast and smart, maximizing your chances in a competitive field.

  • Expert-Designed Resources: From the job list to the resume course, all our resources are crafted by experts to maximize your chances of success.

Make Your Move Now

Join the Atlantic Canada Job Seekers Membership and pivot your job search into a decisive step towards Canadian permanent residency.

This isn’t just a job hunt; it’s your gateway to a new life in Canada. Act now before opportunities for this year run out.

No Obligations + One -Time Payment

Canadian Immigration Coach, Kristina McPherson left her home country Jamaica for Canada as an International Student TEN years ago and became a Canadian citizen in 2019.


She is a true expert on the matter and the author of the book: “From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen - And Everything in Between: How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen like me”.  


Her book is available on Amazon and Audible but if you become a member, you will get both the e-book and audiobook for FREE.

She is a Project Manager by Profession and the speaker and host of this platform, As Told By Canadian Immigrants, and on YouTube teaching people how to zero the Canadian Immigration game since 2019.

Kristina has helped many people along the way!

Here are just a few

"While I'm here I'd just like to say thank you! Your YouTube content was very instrumental in helping navigate my migration process. I was first introduced to your content by a friend who knew I was interested in migrating to Canada back in 2019. Using your content and support from a few friends who also went through the express entry process I'm now a PR 😊. I also recommend your content to persons interested in migrating, I literally sent your page to someone less than an hour ago."


No Obligations + One -Time Payment


Access to the Atlantic Immigration Program Job List in 4 Atlantic Provinces.

Access to the course on how to write your resume to Canadian standards

Access to Kristina's audiobook & e-book on How to Move to Canada


Monthly Updates To Job List

One-time Payment. No Contracts, No Obligations.


Filter out the noise and start applying for jobs today, with the confidence that these are designated employers who do not need an LMIA to hire you.

Industries On The List

Our list comprises of jobs in Canada from Designated Employers in Atlantic Canada in:


Health Care | Construction | Child Care | Early Childhood Education | Engineering & Consulting | IT | Security Systems | Manufacturing - Doors, Windows, Roofs, Paper | Logistics | Insurance | Accounting | Property Management | Oil & Gas | Energy Management | Design | Marketing | Transportation | Power Generation | Senior Living & Retirement Services | Animal Health Care | Utilities - Electricity


+ Our List Is a Growing List That is updated frequently with new employers and industries.

No Obligations - Cancel Anytime

Our Guarantee

We make it less time-consuming, simpler, and more efficient use of your time by giving you only the jobs that you are eligible to look for and the tools to help you succeed.

No Obligations - Cancel Anytime

See YOU on the inside!


If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at:

Employment and Earnings Disclaimer

As Told By Canadian Immigrants & Kristina McPherson does not promise or guarantee employment through our services. While we strive to provide valuable job listings and resources, success in securing a job is not assured and varies based on individual effort, qualifications, and market conditions. Your results will depend on personal factors such as your skills, experience, and commitment to the job search process. All job seeking involves uncertainty and requires consistent effort and action. We wish you the best in your endeavors!

No Guaranteed Results and No Affiliation with Employers or Government Entities

The job listings and success stories featured are based on individual experiences. They are provided as examples of what may be achievable with dedication and effort. We do not guarantee employment as results will vary greatly for each individual, depending on various factors including, but not limited to, personal background, industry experience, and market dynamics. Job seeking entails navigating uncertainties and continuous, dedicated effort.

Independence from Employers and Government Agencies

This site is not affiliated with any employers listed, nor is it endorsed by or associated with any government agencies, including the Canadian government. Our service, As Told By Canadian Immigrants & Kristina McPherson, is an independent entity providing job listings and career resources without any official partnership with external employers or government bodies.

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