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To all who might want to move to Canada to live, study or work there:

Discover if Canada is perfect for you, what your options are and what your first OR next steps* should be!

* Even if you have never lived abroad before and find the idea a bit challenging. And even if you are already in Canada.
No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

Dear Dreamer,

Do you know that most Canadian dreamers across the world never moved to Canada although their qualifications and limited funds would have allowed it?

Have you been thinking for a while now about how great your life could become if you immigrated to Canada? Have you heard others tell intriguing stories about it? Would you likely get a much higher salary if you made it there? Do you see Canada as a country that offers tremendous opportunities in general? And have you heard that the Canadian immigration laws are welcoming to ambitious people like you? In other words, is Canada calling YOU?

Here is the problem you face:

The number of options and pathways to become a Canadian resident with all their pros and cons can be so overwhelming that it is extremely difficult to know where to start.

Which means that you may never get started with it at all and miss out on the opportunity forever!

Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Luckily, there is a solution for you.


Let us introduce you to the Canadian Dreamers Club.

This is the #1 meeting place on the internet for people across the world who are thinking about moving to Canada and becoming Canadian residents:


  • It’s a place where you meet like-minded people, so you won’t have to go on the endeavor alone. It’s so much more fun when you can receive help and also support others.

  • The club is for anyone who wants to become a resident, either as students, through Express Entry or as an employee of a Canadian company. So, regardless if you need to find the right college, settlement services or the right employer, the club has got you covered.

  • All members have full access to a lot of high-quality resources free of charge. That means you can use books, videos, courses, webinars, Q&A sessions, and so on to make the right decisions easily, which will save you a lot of time and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

  • The club’s offers are curated by specialists who have tremendous hands-on experience of all it takes to move to Canada as an expat and become happy and successful there. That saves you from having to find and coordinate several costly experts to support your unique demands.

  • The monthly fee is so low that you can afford the membership for as long as you need it. That means you can develop your plans at your own pace without putting yourself under time pressure.

No Obligations - Cancel Anytime

Meet Kristina and Michael, the two founders of the club:

DSC_5456 (1)_edited.jpg

Kristina McPherson left her home country Jamaica for Canada as a student nine years ago and became a Canadian citizen in 2019.


She is a true expert on the matter and the author of the book: “From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen - And Everything in Between: How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen like me”.


Her book is available on Amazon and Audible but if you become a member of the Canadian Dreamers Club, you will get both the e-book and audiobook for FREE.

Michael Kaiser_edited.jpg

Michael Kaiser is a professional career coach from Germany.


He has helped countless job seekers from all over the world reach their ambitious goals in an international context for more than 25 years now.


Michael is the author of the extensive online guide “Ways to the Perfect Job”, hosted his own FM radio show on career matters until he left Germany, and has been a Global Consul of the social network InterNations for more than two years now where he gives 5-star-rated career webinars for expats across the world every month.

What others say about our support to Canadian dreamers

What do people say when Kristina and Michael join forces to help people from 33 different nations move to Canada? See the ratings of their webinar on InterNations on November 12, 2022:

2022-11-12 Screenshot InterNations webinar feedback and ratings.jpg
"While I'm here I'd just like to say thank you! Your YouTube content was very instrumental in helping navigate my migration process. I was first introduced to your content by a friend who knew I was interested in migrating to Canada back in 2019. Using your content and support from a few friends who also went through the express entry process I'm now a PR 😊. I also recommend your content to persons interested in migrating, I literally sent your page to someone less than an hour ago."


Canadian Dreamers Club Membership
is waiting for you

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

The Club is the Lighthouse to Your Canadian Dream.

Here's What's Included in Your Membership.

Free access to Kristina's audiobook & e-book on How to Move to Canada - worth $19.98

Free course on how to write your resume to land the perfect job - worth $29.98

Free access to LIVE sessions with Kristina & Michael - Ask A Canadian Immigrant & Resume Writing workshops & ongoing support - worth $440/hr

Free access to LIVE monthly Q&A with an Immigration Consultant. Maximum number of webinar participants may be limited in some instances, so please always book your free seat in time - worth minimum $150/hr


Significant discounts if you need one-on-one support from reliable specialists endorsed by the club’s founders. *save money

New items added monthly. *priceless

All of that for a flat fee of ONLY ~$24.98 USD ($34.98 CAD) per month for your club membership.

Is it worth it??

If you bought the book “How to Move to Canada”, the course “How to Write a Power Résumé for Canada”, and a one-time seat in the webinar for Canadian job seekers separately, it would cost you over $100 USD for the three items only without any access to the LIVE webinars with specialized professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience to help you succeed, other materials, repeated sessions, and discounts.

That’s the reason why we’ve created a club membership plan that is affordable for everyone – even for young people on a budget.

Our Guarantee

Your membership of the Canadian Dreamers Club lasts until you cancel it. You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked. Once you’ve canceled it, your subscription with full access to the offers of the club will last until the end of the 30-day cycle already paid for.

No Obligations - Cancel Anytime
Access to ALL 21 Summit Recordings Free 15 Minute Consultation with McBean Immigration Con

P.S.: If you pass on this opportunity now, how likely will it be to ever find a simpler and cheaper way to make your Canadian dream come true? The Canadian Dreamers Club is the one-stop shop to go to for this journey. Become a member now and get on your way to Canada today!

No Obligations - Cancel Anytime

See YOU on the inside!

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