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Great to hear back from you. Thank you for submitting a response.


You are HERE! Yay! I am excited to hear that and I am proud of you for taking that leap! I hope you are doing well and settling into the Canadian society seamlessly.


When I was at this stage of my immigration journey, I was able to pause and breathe, finally, after several years of navigating different applications and the constant fear of being sent home. This point felt like I could refocus and chase my career and family goals. Looking back, I wish I had had a little more support navigating my career path since it took a little bit of a back seat while on my immigration pursuits. I was in my field, making good money, but I wasn’t in love with what I was doing and didn’t stop to define what that was since my focus was on my immigration pursuits. I told myself I did what I needed to do to get where I wanted to get: this point, being a Canadian Permanent Resident. I have no regrets, but I can tell you from my future self that your career goals don’t have to take a back seat. 


If money wasn’t an obstacle, what would you choose to do with your time? 

Are you still navigating the job market trying to land that “perfect” job?


I have partnered with International Career Coach Michael Kaiser and together we have formed the Canadian Dreamers Club to help immigrants navigate the immigration system while still focusing on their career goals. Within the club, you have access to a free resume course, for example, to “spruce up” your resume, and other free offers to really define what you want to be doing for this phase of your life.


We also have weekly live Zooms with me, resume webinars with Michael, and Q&A webinars with Immigration Consultant Minerva McBean, to help support you along the way. Check them out below.


Please feel free to sign up for the upcoming free events and share them with anyone you know who may be following in your footsteps. Thank you in advance for paying it forward. If you need immediate help or 1-on-1 support, check out the Canadian Dreamers Club and join us on the inside.


I am excited to hear that you are here in Canada and I look forward to helping you continue to make your Canadian Dream a Reality!


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