How To Move To Canada

Updated: Apr 17

Hello Curious,

I know the process of moving to Canada can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are several options you can explore as a means of migrating to Canada. "Where do I begin!? Which one do I choose?!" Are probably questions you are asking yourself.

A frequent request of our community is "Give me the step-by-step process of how to come to Canada". Of course that is easier asked than actually done because there is no "one-way" that will apply to everyone. Your situation is unique to you and your age, educational background, work experience and family unit will be only SOME of the deciding factors for programs available to you and "Coming to Canada".

I am going to lay out a basic, "if-then-else" process of how to come to Canada (XD for all the computer nerds). IF option one doesn't work for you THEN move on to the option 2 and so on or (/ELSE) do some of the recommendations to make the options available to you.

These options are for the average Joe/Jane just trying to get to Canada:

  • Option 1 - Express Entry

  • Option 2 - Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • Option 3 - Provincial Nominee Program

  • Option 4 - Family Sponsorship

  • Option 5 - Northern & Rural Immigration Pilot Program (coming soon - fall 2019)