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To all who might want to move to Canada to live, study or work there:

Is moving to Canada on your mind and you don’t know where to start, or you don't know what's next for you*?

* Even if you are outside of Canada OR already in Canada and find the next step in your Immigration journey a bit challenging, confusing or overwhelming.

Are you overwhelmed by the 1,001 options to move to Canada and don’t know where to start? Have you heard a lot about the new Visitor to Worker program and plan to show up in Canada with the hopes of finding a job? Have you had a rejected visa and feel fearful of trying again or don't know how to avoid getting rejected again? Do you know that Canada is welcoming almost 500,000 ambitious people like you each year until 2025? Do you feel like Canada is calling YOU?



Are you already in Canada and feel uneasy about your NOC code and job title? Do you worry about having enough Express Entry points at the end of your Post Graduate Work Permit? Does the path out of school feel uncertain to you?

There is a plethora of options to make moving to Canada a reality for you. And exactly that is the problem you face:


The number of options and pathways to become a Canadian resident with all their pros and cons can be so overwhelming that it is extremely difficult to know where to start.


That means you risk picking the wrong option and failing because of it. Or, because you are afraid of that, you never get started at all, which causes the same sad result.

Wouldn’t that be a shame?


But also, after you do get to Canada, like many International Students and Permanent Residents in Canada, the questions don't stop. Will you have enough Express Entry points? What does the category change mean for you? Are you in the right NOC that will earn you points? How do you find the right job?

Whichever type you are,

still figuring it out, or landed in Canada trying to figure the rest out. Let us be your Lighthouse on the way to your Canadian Immigration Dream


Participate for FREE in

The Great Canadian Immigration 4-Day Online Summit

From September 13 to 16, 2023, brought to you by the Canadian Dreamers Club, the lighthouse on your way to Canada.


Here's what you'll get:


  • The summit will be helpful for anyone who wants to become a resident, either as a student, through Express Entry, or as an employee of a Canadian company.

  • The event aims to break down the plethora of Canadian immigration options into easy-to-understand categories that allow you to quickly identify if they apply to your goals.

  • All sessions are live and feature specialists who have tremendous hands-on experience of all it takes to move to Canada as an immigrant and become happy and successful there. That means you will receive a lot of practical advice you can rely on.

  • Most sessions feature more than one specialist. That means you will always be provided with the whole picture and full answers for the real world.

  • The summit is there for you! That means you’re welcome to submit your questions to the specialists before the event and even live during the sessions

  • The event is organized in a way that allows you to clearly see which of the planned sessions are relevant to your situation. If you miss an important session, a recording of it will be accessible for free for 24 hours.

  • If you participate in all sessions relevant to your situation actively, you will afterward know how to reach your goals best and what the next practical steps should be


Claim your free ticket now!

Meet Your Hosts

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Kristina McPherson is a Canadian Immigration Coach who left her home country Jamaica for Canada as a student nine years ago and became a Canadian citizen in 2019.


She is a true expert on the matter and the author of the book: “From Foreign Student to Canadian Citizen - And Everything in Between: How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen like me”.


Her book is available on Amazon and Audible but if you become a member of the Canadian Dreamers Club, you will get both the e-book and audiobook for FREE.

Michael Kaiser_edited.jpg

Michael Kaiser is a Professional Career Coach from Germany.


He has helped countless job seekers from all over the world reach their ambitious goals in an international context for more than 25 years now.


Michael is the author of the extensive online guide “Ways to the Perfect Job”, hosted his own FM radio show on career matters until he left Germany, and has been a Global Consul of the social network InterNations for more than two years now where he gives 5-star-rated career webinars for expats across the world every month.


Minerva McCoon McBean is a licensed Immigration Consultant with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, R712766. She specializes in providing expert advice on study, work, and or moving to Canada permanently. 


She is a Certified Education Agent and member of the governing body for Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA) and International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF). Her agency is a recruitment partner, which has access to over 1500 education institutions across Canada and the US. 

What others say about our support to Canadian dreamers

What do people say when Kristina and Michael join forces to help people from 33 different nations move to Canada? See the ratings of their webinar on InterNations on November 12, 2022:

2022-11-12 Screenshot InterNations webinar feedback and ratings.jpg
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"While I'm here I'd just like to say thank you! Your YouTube content was very instrumental in helping navigate my migration process. I was first introduced to your content by a friend who knew I was interested in migrating to Canada back in 2019. Using your content and support from a few friends who also went through the express entry process I'm now a PR 😊. I also recommend your content to persons interested in migrating, I literally sent your page to someone less than an hour ago."


Your seat is waiting for you

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See YOU on the inside!

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